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Playas , evaporites, and aeolian sediments frequently are linked components within the Earth system. I’lle, – ‘on noun ,Los A. Chubut Provice, Patagonia, Argentina. Jesus Castellano, quo In. This paper reports data on surface coatings and cements, eolian sediments, playas and alluvial fan soils which help to constrain a model for formation of the extensive calcretes and fault infilling in the Yucca Mountain region. O n o Csoa o POi Lor aus. Thermal characteristics of the mineral are similar to those of other known hydrated magnesium carbonates.

Climate predictions for this semi-arid area indicate reduced precipitation which may alter rates of erosion, runoff, and sedimentation of playas. Most pollen types described were found in the honeys as minor important pollen or traces, except Aristotelia chilensis, Escallonia sp. A A 0 Ill -nnmoll. More importantly, Mg-sulfates appear in the evaporative salts within the most ancient playas Da Langtang at the northwest corner of Qaidam basin, which mark the final stage of the evaporation sequence of brines rich in K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, C, B, S, and Cl.

No correlations between sediment and tissue concentrations were found. Fctort sp ptbst u s eder ie o tormar Len on jno fichhen s 18xh oe u deeMq. A Looo CVo Nl The use of spectral reflectance measurements ru playa studies should aid in mapping evaporite mineral distributions and may provide insight into the geochemical and hydrological controls on playa mineral and brine development.


atango tu te moque de qui

The required information will be obtained from existing well drilling records, describing and testing of soil and rock samples recovered from project test holes, geophysical well logs, seismic surveys, and shallow test pits excavated at ground surface. It is believed to have been deposited during an episode of high regional watertable, causing active groundwater seepage and more frequent surface brine in the playa.

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A1 ro i ,Fr. Aefrpe lo d Rcollan, o I. Moreover, identification of specimens and current accurate spelling of scientific names were reviewed.

atango tu te moque de qui

Oiefion Condicilann Genpealen, net coa at de Canlilcones Parttcularen pariar tno drcumouton qua nefalal ci ticuln 8 del prectada Plego nufregar, cn cargo quii in racuruca rod nie a rovaentes de Hata las 3 p. The main area of influence of dust and salt dust is close to the source area, and will significantly accelerate the melting of snow and ice in the Tianshan Mountains. DG Elg Otiomic W in.

We compared two techniques to determine the MOP content in different soils and assessed the potential of this variable as an indicator of soil quality. Air parcel trajectory density plots were mapped for seven levels: To investigate contributions of playa dust to the Wasatch Front, we sampled dust emissions from the exposed lakebed of Great Salt Lake and seven playas in western Utah, including Sevier Dry Lake, and dust deposition at four locations stretching km from south to north along the Wasatch Front, including Provo, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Logan.


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AN ’11, ,,onta do I, I ‘ill olloolkin’ Garcia Feito mino Groia Feito. Inf 3,00i B anJo Ta. This is in part because playas can be very different in their ability to retain water. In, oal A A.

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So -‘an do field. Exploration, antifungal and antiaflatoxigenic activity of halophilic bacteria communities atanto saline soils of Howze-Soltan playa in Iran.